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Quality oligonucleotide synthesis reagents - now at even lower prices for everyone

22 January 2013

We're pleased to say that we've changed the way some of our catalogue products are priced - for the better. We've long believed in providing products of the highest quality available, for the fairest and most competitive price we can. Across our whole range we've offered customers discounts based on quantity and repeat orders. As a result, all of our regular customers have enjoyed excellent discounting for some time now. We're now making this even better for you.

We've recognised that by not making our discounted prices publicly available, our unit list prices can appear prohibitively expensive. So, although we've offered discounts, this is not obvious to everyone and managing these discounts for individual customers is a very complex system. That doesn't help us or our customers. Therefore, for an initial group of products, we have reduced the list prices and introduced standard quantity discounts.

Which products are affected?

We have identified a core set of products which our customers tell us are the ones they use the most. These are the products that most frequently appear on quote requests; the products that are well established as useful to most people working with modified synthetic oligonucleotides. Not by chance, these are also products we have become expert in manufacturing. These products are:

What are we doing?

The first thing we have done is (quite dramatically in some cases) reduced the unit list price for the common pack sizes of these products. So, even if you only buy one vial you will be paying less than before. Secondly, we have now introduced a standard tiered discounting for each item, with a published unit price for >5, >10, >25 and >50 units. These prices, we believe, better reflect the competitive market position for these products. For less common pack sizes, the list unit price is likely to have reduced but standard discounting is not listed.

Answers to your questions

What happens to my current discounts for these products?

Because the discounts are now automatically applied in the unit cost, all previously agreed discounts for these products are now invalid (as is the 10% academic discount; update September 2015 - the 10% academic discount does now apply), unless otherwise part of a formal supply agreement. Significantly affected customers will be contacted directly by a Sales Executive to discuss any possible issues. All customers, academic or otherwise, will be pleased to find that even if you had discounting before you'll still be able to make even more savings with the new pricing.

If I currently order online, what changes will I see?

In the product listing for each product you will now see some catalogue numbers suffixed with one of X1, X10, X25 and X50. Naturally, these numbers refer to the minimum order quantity in each case. For each of these the unit price is now presented to you. Simply enter your desired quantity next to the appropriate number. Where you had a discount for these products before, you will no longer see a list priced crossed out. One thing you will need to do is update your Favourites list with any of the new catalogue numbers.

What if I want to order much more than 50 packs or in bulk?

The 50+ price listed on the website is intended for users wishing to order less than 100 units. If you wish to order more than this than we'd invite you to request a quote as further discounts may be available. The level of discounting will vary from product to product, hence we have not introduced standard pricing at this level.

If your interest is in a bulk quantity then we definitely want to hear from you. Significant saving can be made with bulk purchasing as the unit packing cost is vastly reduced. It is our intention to introduce an advertised bulk gram price (from 10g upwards) for these core items in the near future.

What about the products not on this list?

Firstly, any currently agreed discounting for products not on this list remains unchanged as part of this initiative. That said, we are working to widen this pricing philosophy to apply to a number of other products that we manufacture. We will keep you up to date with these changes as they happen.

This initiative is only the start of a number of changes we are hoping to make in the coming weeks and months to better serve our customers. In the meantime, thank you for your custom.

If you have any questions or problems in ordering using the new catalogue numbers then please contact us.

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