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An important message about how we charge shipping

29 May 2015

Effective from 1 June 2015, LINK will be implementing a new scale of charges for shipping costs. The new charges are summarised in the table below. Whilst we have routinely offered free shipping (above certain order values) for many years, the significant increase in transport costs means that we cannot continue to do this whilst also keeping our products as competitively priced as possible. Although this will mean a small extra charge on orders, we are at the same time reviewing and reducing the prices on many of our popular products (see for example recent reductions to 3'-Amino-C7 CPG, 3'-TAMRA CPG and 6-Fluorescein-CE Phosphoramidite). We think this is the most transparent and fair way to offer customers the best value. Furthermore, we are still happy to discuss reduced or free shipping as an option on standing orders or other agreed purchasing commitments.

Overall, we still believe you will not find a better combination of price, quality and service for your oligonucleotide reagents requirements.

In each of the UK, EU and US territories there is now a fixed standard shipping rate for non-hazardous goods. Regardless of storage conditions, most of our products are perfectly stable for ambient temperature shipment, therefore this is the most common shipment rate. For the small number of products that require shipment on ice, an additional shipment charge is necessary. There are no changes to the way hazardous shipments are charged. Hazardous products, and those requiring shipment on ice, are noted on the product pages of the web site (see list below) and identified in the 2015/16 Product Guide.

Note that we are retaining the policy that where multiple shipments are required on a single order - for example due to part-shipments of items, or for separated hazardous and non-hazardous goods - only the higher shipping component will be charged; we do not add the charges together or make multiple charges.

Please note that any current orders, standing orders or outstanding quotes still within their validity period, agreed or received prior to June 1 2015, are unaffected and will be honoured with the previous shipping rates (including free).

Summary of shipping costs





Orders containing no hazardous good, shipped at ambient temperature





Orders containing products requiring shipment on ice £15 €50 $45 Variable

Orders containing hazardous goods



Not available

Not available

For a full update on ordering from LINK, please refer to our Ordering Information and view our full Terms & Conditions. If you wish any clarification on these changes, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued custom.

Ruth McGuire
Chief Operating Officer

List of products that are shipped on ice

2066 PC Linker Phosphoramidite
2124 5'-TFA-Amino Mod. C6 Amidite
2154 5'-BHQ-1 CE-Phosphoramidite
2155 5'-BHQ-2 CE-Phosphoramidite
2156 BHQ-1 dT-CE-Phosphoramidite
2157 BHQ-2 dT-CE-Phosphoramidite
2158 Quasar 570 CE Phosphoramidite
2159 Quasar 670 CE Phosphoramidite
2379 3'-BHQ-1 CPG 1000
2380 3'-BHQ-2 CPG 1000
2520 Cyanine-3-CE Phosphoramidite
2521 Cyanine-5-CE Phosphoramidite
2412 3'-Cyanine-3 SynBaseCPG 1000
2413 3'-Cyanine-5 SynBaseCPG 1000

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