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Vacancy: NAC Product Manager

11 April 2018

LGC's Genomics Division is on a significant growth trajectory and therefore needs the ability to effectively manage its product and service portfolio, identifying gaps and extending where needed.

Within Genomics, Nucleic Acid Chemistry (NAC) delivers a wide portfolio of chemical products for oligonucleotide synthesis, most notably in the diagnostic and therapeutic markets. This new business unit consolidates the existing expertise and success of the LINK, Prime Synthesis and Biosearch chemical production segments of Genomics, thus driving an efficient, customer-driven unit, focused on growth.

The role objectives centre on owning the NAC Product Portfolio, with responsibility for Product Life Cycle management, leading commercial input to drive new product development, and defining our value and positioning in key workflows critical to our customer base. 

Please view details of this vacancy on the LGC website.

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