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Looking for custom oligos?

At Link we provide the reagents (solid supports, bases, modifiers, solvents etc) that allow you to synthesise your own oligonucleotides on an automated synthesiser. If you don't want to synthesise the oligo yourself (or simply don't have the facilities) then you'll need a custom oligo provider: we don't provide a custom oligonucleotide synthesis service. After all, this would simply put us in competition with many of our own customers.

We do supply products to most, if not all, of the main custom oligonucleotide providers in the UK, Europe and North America. We don't list these companies here as it would be unfair to highlight our customers preferentially in this way. Each company that provides such a service also has their own focused area of expertise (be it short primers or complex oligos for diagnostic or therapeutic applications). Scale is also a significant factor and, again, different companies have different capability in this regard. Larger contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) are able to provide upwards of 100µmol syntheses. So the choice of supplier is down to you.

A quick Google search will give a good idea of your nearest suitable provider, however we are more than happy to point you in the right direction if you want to contact us directly. In fact, helping you through your oligo product development is something we are very good at. This can be particularly useful if you wish to incorporate an unusual modification into your oligonucleotide (and, for example, this is not currently available in its phosphoramidite or solid support form). We can provide expert chemistry input into the early stages of your product development (perhaps custom synthesising a new phosphoramidite or solid support) and then work with you and your chosen oligonucleotide provider through synthesis optimisation and scale-up if necessary.

In a simpler scenario, if you find a modification we offer is not available from your chosen oligo supplier then let us know and we'll convince them to offer it; alternatively you can request directly to them that they source it from us. Either way, we can help you get the oligo you need.

Please get in touch if you want some more advice.