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What is LINK+ ?

At LINK, our catalogue range of oligo reagents is exceptional. But it may not be enough for our more demanding clients. You know who you are - CMOs, GMP specialists, diagnostic oligo manufacturers and others. You may be compliant with ISO 13485, but you're certainly a customer with highly specialised, possibly unique, requirements. You need a partner you can trust to deliver the highest quality products, to your exacting standard, via a managed supply chain.

Our LINK+ service has been designed just for you. It brings you enhanced specification, scaled manufacturing and the option for custom and bulk packaging, as well as scheduled deliveries. LINK+ reagents take high-end specification to a whole new level. A Link+ product has a base specification set at the highest available on the market, but we'll adapt it to exactly what you need - using your test methods if that's what you want. We'll supply a comprehensive analytical
report, including impurity profiling. And remember, at Link we're ISO 9001 certified. 

Further details on these services are given below. To discuss your requirements please contact us using the form opposite or call +44(0)1698 849911. (Simply want to view or order a product? Then head over to our catalogue section.) For custom, non-catalogue products please view information on our custom synthesis and contract development options.

LINK+ Reagents

Through working with several key clients, we have begun the creation of the LINK+ range of products. These have a high-grade minimum specification, however this can be further customised to your requirements if necessary. Through continued consultation with customers we will add to this range of products over time. Full specifications are available on request, however the headline values are shown below.

In addition to these tests, specifications will generally include Appearance, Solubility, and Identity by HPLC and LC/MS.

Item Product Purity by 31-P NMR
Purity by HPLC
Coupling Efficiency
Water Content
2800 2'-OMe-5-Me-(Ac)C-CE Phosphoramidite
≥97% [P(III) ≤0.5%, P(V) ≤2.5%] ≥98% ≥98% ≤0.4% Available
2801 2'-OMe-5-Me-U-CE Phosphoramidite
≥97% [P(III) ≤0.5%, P(V) ≤2.5%]
≥98% ≥98%
≤0.4% Available
2802 5-Me-dC(Bz)-CE Phosphoramidite ≥98% [P(III) ≤0.5%, P(V) ≤2.0%]
2803 dT-Ethyl Phosphoramidite
≥97% [P(III) ≤0.5%, P(V) ≤2.5%] ≥98% ≥98%
≤0.4% Available
2804 iBu-dG-Ethyl Phosphoramidite
≥97% [P(III) ≤0.5%, P(V) ≤2.5%] ≥98% ≥98% ≤0.4% Available
2805 Bz-dA-Ethyl Phosphoramidite
≥97% [P(III) ≤0.5%, P(V) ≤2.5%] ≥98% ≥98% ≤0.4% Available
2806 Bz-dC-Ethyl Phosphoramidite
≥97% [P(III) ≤0.5%, P(V) ≤2.5%] ≥98% ≥98% ≤0.4% Available
Spacer-18-CE Phosphoramidite
Pending approval
Thiol C6 S-S CE Phosphoramidite
Pending approval Enquire
2809 dI-CE Phosphoramidite
Pending approval Enquire
2810 dU-CE Phosphoramidite Pending approval Enquire
2811 Dabcyl-dT-CE Phosphoramidite
Pending approval Enquire
2814 5'-Cholesterol-CE Phosphoramidite
Pending approval Enquire
Ordering LINK+ Reagents

As these are specialised products, we normally manufacture to order therefore there will be a short lead time. Stocks are not held in the same way as regular catalogue products, although we do hold residual stock where appropriate. Pack sizing and pricing for Link+ reagents is dependent on your specific requirements. Please therefore contact us, quoting the item numbers you are interested in.

Enhanced Specification

Although at LINK our QMS is certified to ISO9001:2008 standard, we understand that many of our customers are certified to other quality standards (e.g. ISO13485) and therefore have different requirements. For these customers, we have implemented processes which will allow us to meet these specific needs.

For instance, all our products undergo QC testing and QA review to ensure they meet a defined specification and a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is issued and shipped to the customer along with the product. For many customers this is sufficient. However, for others there is a benefit for Link to align our QC analysis for a product (or set of products) to that of the client's own testing and copies of the analytical data along with the CoA are sent along with the product. This is in place for many of our customers.

For other clients we go one step further and carry out impurity profiling based on LCMS, NMR and HPLC data. Where applicable we can provide the analytical data and interpretation prior to shipping the material for pre-approval by the customer. This is something we have done when e.g. the purchase is for a new product or the customer is evaluating us as a new supplier.

Scaled Manufacturing

LINK's facilities give us the capability to manufacture from the small research gram scale right up to kilo scale batches for commercial manufacture. Other suppliers can offer either end of that spectrum but very few can do both. Through tested process optimisation methods we can scale up our production, taking your product from initial testing right up to early phase clinical trials of the oligonucleotide, thus providing the essential continuity of your supply chain through these stages.

Custom and Bulk Packaging

We take care to provide our off-the-shelf products in popular pack sizes and packing formats. As your needs grow so do the options available to you. We can supply any manufactured product in bulk quantities, with a significant reduction in pricing/gram from our standard catalogue packs.

We can either ship in single containers or aliquot material; the unit size and type of packaging is entirely at the discretion of the customer. For any bulk order, the packaging will be agreed at the outset of manufacturing. This is particularly important for oils as the final dispensing of the material generally has to be into synthesiser-ready bottles for dilution and use without further handling.

Planned Deliveries

No one likes to try to predict the future. However, regardless of product unit size (therefore this could equally apply to small vials and bulk containers) the efficiencies gained from forward ordering and planned deliveries are significant for both us and you as the customer. For us it allows us to plan production effectively and to maximise scale thereby reducing costs. Consequently for you it provides lower price and confidence to your supply chain, through preferred discounting and lowered administration costs, and the knowledge that our production schedule is being tailored to your needs.