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Partnering & Technology Commercialisation

Link has three main methods of adding to the range of products offered either as catalogue or speciality reagents. These are through licencing, in-house development, or via collaborations either with commercial or academic partners.

Licencing products

Link offers several products, under licence, developed by either other companies or academic groups. For the most part, these are catalogue products that allow us to best meet the needs of our customers by providing a diverse range of products. Licences will have manufacture and resale components, depending on each case. Link will commercialise these products through synthesis development, scale-up optimisation, sales and marketing, and, in some cases, presentations at scientific conferences. Link has a proven track record of commercialising licenced products such as BHQTMs, UNA, and PNA (see: Licences), providing product both availability to our customers and signifcant return on investment to the original IP holders. 

If you have a product you are looking to licence (resale or manufacture), we will be very happy to hear from you. 

In-house development

Link has a team of chemists dedicated to the development of new products; our NPI team. Ideas for these products come from interactions with customers, attending scientific conferences and from current literature. For instance, from discussions with customers it was evident that there was a need for some hydrophilic linkers for use in conjugation / post synthetic labelling of oligonucleotides. We therefore developed the phosphoramidites TFA-amino-11 and MMT-amino-11 and the corresponding thiol linker. As a result of the work carried out to develop the latter, we developed a thiol-dT amidite that allows conjugation to the thiol within an oligonucleotide.

If you have an idea for product, or a particular problem you need solved, please get in touch.  


Many of our current collaborations arise from custom / contract synthesis projects. In this case a product is added to our catalogue only with complete agreement of the customer for whom the project was carried out. For these projects, we use our extensive knowledge of phosphoramidite chemistry to optimise existing synthetic routes or in some cases develop the synthetic route to the desired product. This work is primarily carried out by our in-house NPI team but the expertise of our Production Team is called on regularly.

Link has had several academic collaborations where we have either developed the reagents required for a research project or we have sponsored the student via e.g. a CASE studentship. At Link we recognise that while we have many years' experience in nucleotide chemistry, our biological experience is limited therefore more and more we are looking for partners where we can complement each other's strengths.

The latest collaboration we are embarking on involves the partner testing some potential delivery / targeting reagents developed by Link. The partner is highly experienced in this area; combining this with our strong chemistry know-how gives us the ability to develop and improve products for real world applications.

We are also exploring collaborating directly with a commercial partner where Link can provide the chemistry expertise e.g. the development of modifications to allow the development of a diagnostic assay or a potential delivery agent. To this end, we are currently in discussion with biotechnology companies involved in the development of diagnostic assays, delivery of therapeutic oligonucleotides and NGS technologies.

If you think we can bring our nucleotide chemistry expertise to your biological project then we'd love to hear from you.