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Fluorescence Detection

3'-Quencher Bundle

  • Item Number: 9200
3'-Quencher Bundle

This product requires ice shipment. For rates please see our Ordering Information.

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This set of products will enable you to evaluate all our quenchers and find the best fit for your RT assay. Perhaps you have developed your own fluorophore and have a need to determine which quencher will give you the best results? We have also included 3'-Amino-C7 support for those users who have developed their own quencher and have a need to compare this to known quenchers.

Set of products, containing 1 each of:

Please note that due to licencing restrictions on BHQ® products, this bundle is not available outside of UK/EU.

  Pack Size Catalogue No Price Quantity
  Bundle 9200-K002 £514.50