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Fluorescence Detection

Fluorescein Labelling

5'-Fluorescein-CE Phosphoramidite (6-FAM)

6-[(3',6'-Dipivaloylfluoresceinyl)-carboxamido]-hexyl-1-O-[(2- cyanoethyl)-(N,N-diisopropyl)]-phosphoramidite

  • Item Number: 2134
  • Formula: C46H58N3O10P
  • Formula Weight: 843.95
  • Unit Weight: 537.46
5'-Fluorescein-CE Phosphoramidite (6-FAM)

The most commonly used fluorescein dye phosphoramidite, synthesised from the single isomer 6-carboxyfluorescein.

Where different unit prices are given for a pack size, please refer to the minimum quantity required to order at that price (e.g. X5, X10). These are not multi-packs, therefore enter the actual quantity of vials you wish to order.
  Pack Size Catalogue No Price Quantity
  50µmol 2134-F050 £35.00
  100µmol 2134-F100X1 £40.00
  100µmol (Min. Qty. 5) 2134-F100X5 £34.00
  100µmol (Min. Qty. 10) 2134-F100X10 £32.00
  100µmol (Min. Qty. 25) 2134-F100X25 £28.00
  100µmol (Min. Qty. 50) 2134-F100X50 £26.00
  250mg 2134-B250X1 £95.00
  250mg (Min. Qty. 5) 2134-B250X5 £80.75
  250mg (Min. Qty. 10) 2134-B250X10 £76.00
  250mg (Min. Qty. 25) 2134-B250X25 £66.50
  250mg (Min. Qty. 50) 2134-B250X50 £61.75