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Lipophilic Modification

3'-Palmitate SynBase™ CPG 1000/110

5-O-(4,4'-dimethoxytrityl)-1-O-a-(6-(palmitoylamino)-hexyl)-2- deoxy-D-ribose-3-O-succinoyl-long-chain alkylamino-CPG

  • Item Number: 2393
  • Unit Weight: 533.69
3'-Palmitate SynBase™ CPG 1000/110

The introduction of hydrophobic residues into oligonucleotides with a view to improving their penetration into cells is an idea that has recently met with some success. Cholesteryl-conjugated oligonucleotides have in particular been the subject of substantial interest in antisense and other studies due to the lipophilicity and ready availability of cholesterol.

Historically this has been done by post-synthetic conjugation of an amino-modified oligo to cholesterol chloroformate, however direct attachment during synthesis is much more convenient. For this purpose, therefore, we offer 3'-Cholesterol SynBase™ CPG 1000/110(2394).

Of similar application, but comparatively less studied to date, is the incorporation of the palmitoyl moiety into oligonucletides. Recently, researchers synthesised an oligonucleotide conjugate with a 5'-terminal palmitoyl group attached through an amide bond. This has been used to modify GRN163, a thio-phosphoramidate oligonucleotide, to enhance the potency of telomerase inhibition.

Using similar synthetic methodology to that of 2394, we have prepared 3'-Palmitate SynBase™ CPG 1000/110 for direct incorporation of a palmitoyl group during oligo synthesis.

  Pack Size Catalogue No Price Quantity
  4x0.2µmol 2393-P001 £52.60
  10x0.2µmol 2393-P002 £105.10
  4x1µmol 2393-P010 £84.10
  10x1µmol 2393-P008 £168.10
  100mg 2393-B100 £52.60
  1g 2393-C001 £315.20